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Ashwagandha 600mg KSM-66 High Strength Ashwagandha 600mg KSM-66

KSM-66 Ashwagandha 600mg 60 Capsules


For wholesale enquires please contact us: or via our contact form  Each pack of Nutrisi KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract contains 60 high strength 600mg vegan capsules, 2 months...


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Jade Reaper


Amazing results so far, feel more energetic and have far less muscle pain after a workout! My joints feel better too

Dawn Clarke

Highly recommended

Wow! What a brilliant product. It takes around 2 weeks before you feel a noticeable difference but after 4 weeks, the difference is great and, after 6 weeks, I can honestly say that, after nearly 50 years of typing, all the pain in my arms has gone.


These work better than any other brand I have tried

While I had seen a difference taking the another brand, I have seen an even bigger difference taking these high strength turmeric curcumin capsules. I can walk up stairs without holding on to two bannisters now which is a huge help in carrying shopping into my house.


Very Effective

My partner, has been troubled by arthritis over the last few years, which gives him sporadic bouts of pain in the hip. This supplement helps him go about his life with much less pain. Best he's tried so far

Samantha M

Noticable benefit for my skin and hair

I love the Nutrisi collagen, after a month of use I've had compliments on my skin and hair for the first time ever


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22nd May 2021

What is Curcumin?

What is Curcumin? Curcumin is the active compound found in in turmeric, extracted from the root of curcuma longa, a flowering plant of the ginger family. Turmeric is primarily used in curries and has been studied as medicin...

22nd May 2021

The Best Turmeric Latte (aka golden milk)

Turbocharged Turmeric Latte (aka ‘golden milk’). This recipe provides an optimal amount of Curcumin per serving with the combination of turmeric powder and one 700mg Nutrisi Curcumin capsule containing BioPerine black pepper e...