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Multivitamin Chocolate for Kids No Refined Sugar!!

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Pack size
Servings per pack
Per serving
400IU (10μg) Vitamin D3
200μg Vitamin A
20mg Vitamin C
Multivitamin sugar free chocolate for kids

Delicious fruit sweetened (made with dates and no refined sugar!) mini chocolate cloud shaped bars packed with a daily dose of vitamins A, C and D - essential for healthy development. Made with real, quality chocolate, no nasties, no added salt, artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives. Just tasty, naturally sweet goodness packed with essential vitamins.

Why dates and not sugar?

Dates are a tasty powerhouse of nutrients including fibre, potassium, magnesium, copper, and other vitamins and minerals. Our chocolate uses only the finest dried dates, powdered into a form which can be utilised to make chocolate. Making it the perfect alternative to refined sugar. 


An 8g serving of 2 chocolate clouds, contains vitamins A, C & D3 as suggested for children by NHS, at the exact levels recommended the Department of Health. We use superior D3, which is better absorbed than D2.

Each serving provides:

  • 400IU (10μg) Vitamin D3
  • 200μg Vitamin A
  • 20mg Vitamin C

120g, 30 bars per pack (15 servings).

Recommended for ages 2+